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3 Simple Tips to Help Motivate Employees The first time you met your employees when they were mere applicants, they probably had a spring to their step and a level of eagerness that was hard to top. It may have been an absolute dream come true for you to find such hard working employees. However, those feelings aren’t bound to stay for long and will soon be replaced by complacency. Motivation can make a quick exit if they begin to feel burnt out because of the daily routine. A high turn over rate can be problematic, but it will happen if you’re unable to satisfy your employees. Be sure to satisfy your workers and maintain their motivation with these tips and tricks. 1. Recognition for Accomplishments – Employees perform better when they have something to work towards. Best in sales, employee of the month, and even best in attendance awards are just some of the things you can give your employees to make them feel that their efforts are greatly appreciated. Having a few custom awards made with their names on it will make the entire gesture even more personal and heartfelt. Provide goals for your employees to reach for by developing different awards that they can work towards and attain at the end of the month, the quarter, or the year. 2. Give Out Promotions – If a vacancy pops up in your company, instead of hiring someone fresh from outside, you should consider if you already have a viable employee in your system. Employees want to know if they really do have an opportunity to grow in your company, and if you promote one of them, the rest are likely to develop the belief that they could earn that too. Don’t got out to look for a new hire right away – check your pool of employees to see if they already fit the bill.
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3. Conduct Stay Interviews – Stay interviews are often conducted as a last ditch effort to prevent a key employee from leaving a company, but it doesn’t have to go that far. You can conduct the stay interview simply as a check-up to find out more about what your employees think about the opportunities you provide them. There are some employees who are happy with their jobs on the overall, but simply want more opportunities to try out a skill they want to develop. You can then make the necessary adjustments with the opportunities you provide your employees to help make their work and jobs much more fulfilling and satisfying for them.What Almost No One Knows About Awards